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Experimental study on particle breakage of rockfill and coarse aggregates

LIU Han-long, QIN Hong-yu, GAO Yu-Feng, ZHOU Yun-dong   

  1. Geotechnical Institute, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098, China
  • Received:2003-12-11 Online:2005-04-09 Published:2013-12-19

Abstract: Particle breakage of coarse aggregates is analyzed based on large-scale triaxial tests. Particle breakage index increases with the increase of confining pressures. The relationship between particle breakage index and confining pressure can be expressed by hyperbolic curves. The increasing of particle breakage will result in decreasing of the strength of coarse aggregates. The relationship between peak internal friction angle and particle breakage index can be presented as power function. Irrespective of the compressive strength of rock, particle size, angularity, gradation and initial void ratio, the experimental data fall within a narrow band. As a result, particle breakage index can be evaluated as long as confining pressures and the coefficients are obtained.

Key words: coarse aggregates, large-scale triaxial tests, strength, particle breakage

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